Unauthorized Pd
( Author : Yves Degoyon )

This is intended to work on linux and has been ported to OSX, but it's much more functional in linux.

There is no binary packages of these tools because they are never up-to-date.
You can download the code with :

git clone http://giss.tv/~git/git.cgi/unauthorized.git

Sound processing :

Cooled~ : a micro sound editor

Sonogram~ : lets you display, playback and modify a sonogram.

Audience~ : 2-dollar spatialization .

Scratcher~ : scratching from within PD, yo !!!.

Samplebox~ : records and plays back a sound with speed variations.
( demo patch requires countund... see below )

Video :

PiDiP : video processing objects for Pure Data Packet ( http://zwizwa.fartit.com/pd/pdp/ )
A description of this package is available here.

gem2pdp/pdp2gem : bridges between GEM and PDP/PiDiP.

Sound streaming / mp3s :

Speex~ : voice quality streamer, requiring Speex library ( http://speex.sourceforge.net ) by Jean-Marc Valin

Mp3cast~ : emits an mp3 stream to an icecast/shoutcast server.

Mp3amp~ : client to receive a stream from an icecast/shoutcast server.

Mp3live~ = mp3streamout~/mp3fileout~/mp3streamin~ : a peer-to-peer mp3 streamer.

Mp3write~ : records audio to an mp3 file.

Effects :

Filterbank~ : filterbank~ outputs the frequency response against a set of band-pass filters

Vocoder~ : a vocoder effect with control on cutoff frequency
Algorithm borrowed from Xvox written by Simon Morlat ( http://simon.morlat.free.fr/ )

Disto~ : distortion with low-pass and high-pass filter
Algorithm borrowed from Digital Guitar Effects written by Alexei Smoli ( http://st.karelia.ru/~smlalx/ )

Wahwah~ : an effect you must have heard before
Algorithm borrowed from Digital Guitar Effects written by Alexei Smoli ( http://st.karelia.ru/~smlalx/ )

Compressor~ : a simple audio compressor.

Beatify~ : an audio modulator ( envelop and loop size ).

Low Tech Graphics :

Blinkenlights : a blinkenlights movie player ( and a pixel grid also ).

Control :

Probalizer : outputs a serial of integers according to a probability curve

Grid : 2-dimensional mouse-based control object, ala kaospad.

Piano Roll : a state-saving piano roll to control a sequencer.

Exciter : a bang-events sequencer.

Playlist : A 1-click file chooser, supporting non-alpha characters.

Scrolllist : A settable, scrollable text list.

Sound synthesis :

Formant~ : formant synthesis, first brick for a voice simulation patch.

Stksitar~/Stkdrone~ : indian music synthesis requiring STK library
( http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/software/stk/ ).
Based on raggamatic/STK written by Perry R. Cook.

Utilities :

Randomblock~ : generates a sequential random audio block.
This can be used to read a table randomly.

Countund : when banged, counts up to a limit and then down to zero.

Spigot~ : a signal router